Full threaded steel self drilling rock bolt / hollow anchor bar / anchor rods.

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Shandong Jute Steel Pipe company established in 2001,now,We are equipped with advanced production equipment,such as hot rolling production line,punching lines,fine rolling production lines and cold drawing production lines.Our company specializes in the production of various seamless steel pipes. Our products include common seamless steel pipes,fine pull pipes,fine rolled pipes,alloy steel pipes,special pipes,sheet steel,Steel pipe deep processing,etc. Our company invites a group of excellent technical experts and management personnel in domestic steel pipe industry to improve the technical levels of our products.Shandong Jute Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd. Contacts: Mr. Ji WhatsApp: +86 18865211873 WeChat: +86 18865211873 E-mail: jutesteelpipe@gmail.com E-mail: juteguanye@aliyun.comThe Self Drilling Anchor system is comprised of a hollow threaded anchor bar with a sacrificial drill bit that performs drilling, anchoring and grouting in a single operation. Self drilling anchor system is mainly used in slope stabilization, tunneling pre-support, foundations with micro piles etc projects. Advantages and Characteristics as below: 1. No casings required, because anchor bars can be drilled into loose soils without needing casings to support the boreholes. 2. Fast drilling and installation, because drilling, installation and grouting are in a single operation. 3. Both rope threads and trapezoid threads are robust and ideal for rotary-percussive drilling and ensuring a high level of bond with the borehole gout. 4. The hollow core not only serves for flushing during drilling, but also for grouting after drilling. 5. Continuous threads ensure the bars can be cut and coupled at any point, or extended. 6. Different anchor bits are available for different ground conditions. R thread anchor bar or called rock bolt, soil nail, which is a kind of threaded hollow bar, bar surface with an rope thread according to ISO 10208 & 1720. It was firstly invented by MAI on 1960S to solve the low construction speed on complicated underground works, nowadays; it is very popular all around the world.
Size O.D(mm) I.D(mm) Ultimate Load(KN) Yield Load(KN) Weight(kg/M)
R25N-14 25.0 14.0 200 150 2.3
R32L-22 32.0 22.0 210 160 2.8
R32N-21 32.0 21.0 280 230 2.9
R32N-18.5 32.0 18.5 280 230 3.4
R32S-17.5 32.0 17.5 360 280 3.5
R32S-15 32.0 15 360 280 4.1
R38N-21 38.0 21.0 500 400 4.8
R38N-19 38.0 19.0 500 400 5.5
R51L-38 51.0 38.0 550 450 6.0
R51L-36 51.0 36.0 550 450 7.6
R51N-36 51.0 36.0 800 630 7.6
R51N-33 51.0 33.0 800 630 8.4
Steel grade Acc. to EN10083-1
Thread direction Left hand
Thread standard ISO 10208 / ISO1720

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